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We're Kingsbury Design Group, but you can just call us KDG.

Matt Applin and Chris Rudder started KDG over a beer, in 2022, in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. We both have over two decades of experience in design, web development, social media, business solutions, and creative problem solving.

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About KDG

Just who are these guys anyway?

Matt Applin graduated with degrees in Visual Communication, Media Arts, and Animation. After 22 years of working in design, web development, and business solutions, Matt moved to South Lake Tahoe, and shortly after decided to leave his long-term corporate job to strike out on his own, forming KDG with Chris Rudder in May of 2022.

Chris Rudder graduated with degrees in Marketing and International Business. Chris spent seven years overseas as an ESL teacher before returning to school for Full-Stack Software Development. After a successful start-up venture, Chris was eager to start another project and found the perfect partner in Matt Applin.

With our powers combined, we are Kingsbury Design Group! We really hope you got that reference.

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